Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stephanie Markowitz

Stephanie Markowitz is the mastermind behind the production: without her, The Rat King would likely still be a collection of sketchbooks and secret manuscripts hidden under the author's cubicle. Stephanie is bright, quick and capable, and embodies an unusual combination of talents: she is an artist with strong ideas, and she is also able to get things done and plan budgets. It is rare to meet a creative individual who is both incredibly organized and amazingly imaginative: Stephanie is that unique gem. She has been involved in many exciting projects in the past year: from her work with The Film Farm, to Away from Her, and an upcoming film version of a Barbara Gowdy story, this dynamo doesn't stop for an instant. Stephanie Markowitz has declared a revolution in the world of musical theatre, and even the Rats can get behind that.

The Daily Rat: How did you get involved with The Rat King?

Stephanie Markowitz: Maggie and I met in a Wittgenstein Class at the University of Toronto. Gravitating towards each other, our conversations quickly turned away from Philosophical Jargon- and moved towards Art and Action. Maggie had workshopped the Rat King as a Mini Rock Opera a couple years prior and wanted to take it further. I was intrigued. Once I read the script and got to know Maggie's artistic, political and personal sensibilities better, I knew this project was something special. I jumped on board as Producer/Co-director with bells on.

Rat: What other creative and/or political projects have you been involved with?

Stephanie: I co-produced Michael Snow's short film, SSHTOORRTY, was assistant to the Producers on Sarah Polley's AWAY FROM HER. I coordinated an Indie Film Series at CAMERA on Queen Street W. The Rat King has currently taken over my life, but I am also Producing a short film written by Barbara Gowdy called, GREEN DOOR, and teaching yoga at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Rat: Of the themes in The Rat King, which do you feel a strong connection to?

Stephanie: I often lay awake at night thinking about the end of the world. I have also fantasized about men with three arms.

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