Saturday, August 18, 2007

Like Cats, but Rats!

The Daily Rat is posting this special bulletin from the patio at Musa on Dundas St. West in Toronto. Stephanie Markowitz is recalling the moment that her father, Murray, first attended a reading of the Rat King, and insightfully said, "It's like Cats, but Rats!" And that's exactly what it is. Except rather than draw on T.S. Eliot's lighter work, The Rat King draws on the spirit of the Hollowmen. Murray Markowitz hit the nail right on the head, and has since been a great help to us throughout the life of the production.

At the same reading, dear Adam Gilders was in attendance. Nodding his head, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, as was his habit. Adam passed away recently, and it is to him that we dedicate this production of the show. Without his guidance and encouragement, the script would have cobwebs, rather than our actors' hands, on it. Now, the Daily Rat will now cease typing, to raise a glass in his honour.

Until tomorrow, when we nibble on the big apple, good day and good night.


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