Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Theremin, our newest cast member

This month, the songs and dances of The Rat King Rock Opera will be embellished by the use of a Theremin. The journalists involved with The Daily Rat each attempted to interview the instrument, but with thunderous weather outside, and ample static in our shoes, we upset the machine and could not receive clear answers.

You can build your own Theremin at home with relatively inexpensive parts. Or you can see the Theremin movie (featuring master Theremin-player Clara Rockmore, as pictured), and the play "Theremin" that will also be part of the NY Fringe this summer. In The Rat King, the music of the Theremin helps give voice to the furry feelings that are difficult to put to words, despite our lavish use of rhyming couplets.

We hope that you enjoy this spooky new addition to the cast of the show!

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