Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here's the quiz answer! Show tonight with HANK, We Take Lovers, Kathleen Phillips, and Gentleman Reg!!


We hope to see you tonight at Sneaky Dee's (that's at the corner of College and Bathurst). Magali and Shayna kindly organized this event, which is one of two fundraisers we will be having to make the NY trip possible. I am sure you've heard the phrase "as poor as church mice" but rarely spoken of, as it is so horrific and dire, is the extreme poverty of the theatre rat. At least church mice have Sunday school snacks to munch on, and pews to sleep beneath. But theatre rats must survive on the crumbs left behind by starving artists! So, we lowly theatre rats hope that you might join us this evening for some music and enjoyment, for a good cause.

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