Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cut the alarm: It's Jeremy Singer

Jeremy Singer (yes, that's his real name) has been with the Rat King since we first presented a set of scenes at Tin Tin Tin in 2005. His character Ed Cannon is named after Edward Teller, father of the Hydrogen Bomb. Unlike Edward Teller, Jeremy Singer is best known as a musician and songwriter. This Mancunian candidate can be spotted singing with the great Toronto band HANK, who recently released a 7" single as part of the Alphabet Series on the German label Tomlab. Read more about HANK at: www.tomlab.de or www.weepingtruckers.com

The Daily Rat: How did you get involved with The Rat King?

Jeremy Singer: The writer asked me to be in it because she fancied me. [She fancied him a good stage performer.]

Rat: What is your role in the show?

Jeremy: Ed Cannon [Ed is a scientist at work on a pesticide that will kill every living rat. He is the father of Carlyn Cannon, and a good dancer too.]

Rat: What other creative and/or political projects have you been involved with?

Jeremy: I have been involved with many music projects over the years, the latest being a pop group called Hank. I also act as chairman for the political branch of H.A.N.K. (Heterogeneous Anti-Neronian Knowledge).

Rat: Of the themes in The Rat King, which do you feel a strong connection

Jeremy: I've always been interested in the essential idiocy of M.A.D. and so am intrigued by The RK's fatalistic treatment of the post-apocalyptic world. I also like romance.

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