Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Super Kate McKay

Kate McKay is a wise and worldly pro. Probably the most organized person I have ever met, this wonder from down under has the answer to every panicked question a director or actor can pose. She is a lighting designer and stage manager extraordinaire who has worked on many shows in Canada and Australia. Her Recent lighting design credits include City of Angels and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Toronto Youth Theatre), Godspell and The Wiz (Randolph Young Company), and Femcab (Nightwood Theatre). She is also a vegetarian.

The Daily Rat: How did you get involved with The Rat King?

Kate McKay: Well, Daily Rat, I was the venue technician at the original theatre where the Rat King performed and as soon as I heard that first song I knew I had to sly my way on board The Rat King Express! Nyaaaaahhhhh! (Evil laughter)

Rat: What is your role in the show?

Kate: I am the Lighting Designer and Stage Manager and the general All-Round-Techie-Tool-Carrying-Ladder-Climbing-Theatre-Girl

Rat: What other creative and/or political projects have you been involved with?

Kate: I've been working as a techie theatre girl since before the time of the Circus in Long Summer (that's a long time). I'm all about independent new productions that challenge the audience - though I certainly like my fluff and twinkles as well - which is why The Rat King is such a good fit. It's got a little bit of everything; love, revenge, Jazz hands, three armed mutants, that kind of thing.

Rat: Of the themes in The Rat King, which do you feel a strong connection to?

Kate: First of all, it's really a brilliant piece - the writing, the music, the cast, the creative team - everywhere I look there are the buds of new ideas growing. Each production improves on the last and the relationships between each of the characters grow deepen. Oh and did I mention the music is really catchy.....

I also especially relate to Carlyn and her sneaky subversive ways to get around her sexist megalomaniacal father- being a techie girl in a man's world is very similiar in a lot of ways. It teaches you to be wily and find your own power in ways other than sheer strength.

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